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    Welcome to Fokus – Sweden’s weekly news magazine

    Fokus is a weekly politically independent news magazine published in Stockholm and distributed throughout Sweden and to Swedes living abroad.

    Fokus covers the most important issues of the week ranging from politics and science to economics, culture and lifestyle. The aim of the magazine is to give a greater comprehension and explanation of today’s topics. The first number of Fokus was released in early December 2005. Although all articles in Fokus are printed in Swedish the magazine covers both domestic and foreign issues.

    Fokus of the Week

    The most important story at the moment. On 10-14 pages we present the pictures, the texts and the people that explain what is going on and why, in Sweden as well as abroad.


    From our independent platform we are able to analyze Swedish political standpoints without letting the core issue become a left or right wing issue.


    The Culture pages reflect on the important and interesting events, trends and persons at the moment.  We try to address the issue at hand within film, theater, books, dance, art and philosophy in an accessible way.


    Fokus writers always have something important to say. Here you will find the well-known names and new, talented writers.
    The portrait
Each week Fokus meets someone interesting for luncheon. Politicians, sport stars, business profiles, writers, researchers and philosophers will be portraited.


    Fokus especially keeps an eye on the macro economy, the unemployment, the interest rates and the global markets.
    International section
Current and important global issues. Through our cooperation with Le Point in France we give you access to correspondents around the world.

    Quotes, gossip, trends, and what´s-on page

    All the latest gossip, buzz and blunders from the halls of power. Fokus also writes about what is happening in the world of entertainment and guides you to the best restaurants and bars.

    Advertiser info:

    Publication plan 2014
    Rates and formats 2014 


    As an advertiser, Fokus provides you with access to a niche that will help you reach the sought for decision and opinion making consumers in a cost-effective manner. Credible brand advertisement – B2C, B2B or opinion making advertisement concerning brands or organizations – demands a credible editorial staff.

    Target group

    The primary target group consists of urban men and women in the age of 25-65 with an interest in news and society as a whole. They have high incomes and a higher education. The majority are decision makers and formal or informal opinion makers who live in the city.

    Market positioning

    Before Fokus no Swedish magazine had claimed the position of a classic news magazine, with the mixture of up-to-date articles, debate,  politics, economics, science, culture and lifestyle, which are the distinguishing features of Fokus. This gives you as an advertiser a unique possibility to reach a valuable target group in an absorbable and strong editorial environment.

    Fokus does not belong to the business segment but businesspeople read the magazine. Fokus has created the niche that news magazines have in other countries and as an advertiser you will be visible to these interesting and hard-to-reach contacts.

    Fokus readership profile*

    •    55% men and 45% women
    •    76% have a University degree
    •    68% live in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö
    •    5% have a household income over 1008 000 SEK/year
    •    75% are between 25-64 years of age
    •    64% are under 50 years of age
    •    Average age 44 years

    Circulation TS: 30 200 copies**

    Readership: Readership: 74 000***

    Frequency: weekly 41 issues/year

    Publishing day:

    * Orvesto Consumer 2012
    ** TS audit (circulation) 2013
    *** Orvesto Consumer 2013:3

    Contact information

    Johan Wictorin, Sales
    08-410 272 02

    Lotta Bramme, Sales
    070-620 51 03

    Madeleine Philip, Sales
    070-696 03 02

    Kaisa Dunér, Traffic
    072-969 62 92

    FPG Media AB
    Wallingatan 12
    111 60 Stockholm

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    For username and password please contact Kaisa Dunér kaisa.duner@tillvaxtbolaget.se

    Technical information

    Icc-profiles for printed advertisements in Fokus: SG_F39_typ1-3_v1.icc

    For use in both MAC and PC.
 Get the Icc-profiles here.

    Magazine format: 203x267mm bleed.

    Important! Allow at least 4mm trim margin on bleed sides.

    Printing area: 181x254mm

    Density: 208 lines/inch
Dpi: 300

    Colour: 4+4 EUR

    Paper: Galerie Lite 51g. Cover: LWC 80g.

    Bind by staple