Never mind the flinten – Sex Pistols 40 år

Så blev 1977 års upprorsmakare som alla vi andra till slut.

Mention popåret 1977 for music lovers of any generation, And they get something blurry in her eyes. Maybe They start lecturing about Fleetwood Mac epic skilsmässoplatta "Rumors", or When discos Reached its absolute crescendo of Donna Summers "I Feel Love". Get'll probably mention Rod Stewart's single "I do not want to talk about it« as significant for That year, but in early summer 1977, it was The One That kept a firm grip on the number one spot on the UK singles chart. Second on the leaderboard, however, was something else Entirely. When the Sex Pistols May 27, 1977 put a safety pin the nose on the Queen Elizabeth and wrote "God Save the Queen 'with hotbrevsbokstäver on the cover of her new single, set the afternoon earl gray in the neck of the royalist England. The English queen celebrated 25 years on the throne, and while much of the nation had suffered flag-waving patriotyra, appeared suddenly a man in a bright red spiky hair and staring eyes. He called himself Johnny Rotten and rhyming "fascist regime" with "She is not no human being." Moral panics Immediately was a fact and the BBC banned the song from radio waves at the same time as the course went like a rocket up the leaderboards. But on the official UK singles chart came to a stop in position two, just below Rod Stewart, sparking speculation That the list had been manipulated by the late state power through the BBC.

To top it all arranged Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren a press guarded boat where the band went around on Thames high on amphetamine. The voyage ended of course with the uproar, wild fights, police intervention and headlines. Punk Reached there - June 7, 1977 - its absolute zenith and threw while its shadow over the Queen's Silver Jubilee. But then sparked British moral panic is now part of the European cultural heritage. Four decades later, the Sex Pistols as British accurate as ever a chesterfield chair, hardly more heart-pounding than a cup of tea. And what pop culture enthusiast desires not return to a time When headlines screamed about the pop strip that threatened the nation's stability, rather than the pop-winner Robin Bengtssons technology hassles with the treadmill at the Eurovision rehearsals in Kiev? It is easy to suffer from acute nostalgia and longing for a time When pop music was lace.

"Better a spectacular failure than a benign success« It is set in stone on the Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren's grave, where he is next to Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery in London. But here seven years after McLaren's death, one can ask Whether punk legacy Became the very thing he hated over just about everything else. A complete harmless, absolutely benign success. A primal scream of bondagebyxor That slowly but surely has been loved to pieces by the establishment, for decades later churned out as a nice coffee table book. Or so it was exactly what McLaren predicted? Punk rebellion as a spectacular failure, a belly flop of epic proportions, involuntary crowned by the pompous exhibition Punk 1976-78 at the National Library, the British Library.

The nostalgic haze Seems to be a lukewarm cloth That Sooner Or Later draped over all of pop culture, but it is of course Particularly asked on the punk rebellion physique. So what happened with That uprising 40 years ago, what is the aftermath look like?

The central figure in "God Save the Queen '-spektaklet, the now 61-year-old Johnny Rotten, was described in its time as" the greatest threat to our children since Hitler ", but has recently caused most perplexities for doing advertising for dairy products in British television. in 2004 he participated in the reality show "I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here" and The Following year he recorded programs »John Lydon's Megabugs«, a Discovery Channel series about spiders and insects . When he was in April this year expressed full support for the heart Donald Trump, he managed, however, to cause Their greatest headlines since the 1970s. At the sametime, he finns've got to do a little advertising for its newly released coffee table book "Mr. Rotten's Songbook ", a brick with fancy illustrations of his poetry forms. All of course under the slogan "Cash from Chaos," as it was written in flowers in Malcolm McLaren's funeral.

Punk exit.  Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's son Joe Corré hired in November 2016 a boat and slipped out of the Thames.  Faced with a global press corps he burned since the punksouvenier worth 5 million pounds.

Punk exit. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's son Joe Corré hired in November 2016 a boat and slipped out of the Thames. Faced with a global press corps he burned since the punksouvenier worth 5 million pounds.

Besides constant reunions and tours are the Sex Pistols since 2010 finns Authorized the perfume packaging Which poses the question: "Is this the scent of anarchy?" And Also gives the answer: "Certainly there's a revolution in this bottle.« How smells When anarchy? Well, That refreshing lemon sharpened with black pepper, some leather and a taste of the ethereal hippie patchouli oil.

The Guardian recently made a compilation of what punk then-prominent figures Involved in today. There are goodies like The Clash drummer now is Dr. Terry Chimes, a chiropractor with a private clinic in east London. Alien Kultures bassist Ausaf Abbas works as an investment banks, while the Sex Pistols mascot Jordan living as a veterinarian. One of the key figures in Manchester's punk scene, David O'Brien, is now incumbent and has published the book "Northern Soul: Football, Punk, Jesus«.

Earlier this year, was overpriced given the book "Punk Poetry - Swedish punk lyrics 1977-82", by Peter Kagerland out. There you can read about the forms punk Dan Eliasson, who unfortunately did not play in the band Tattooed Snutkukar, but well Bad boo band Whose greatest moment was the song "Fuck in Bangkok". The text lines as "They call me Ugly Olle / I usually sit at home alone and dream of a schyst girl / but who the hell wants a Swedish girl / a disco pussy without brains' can now be sorted into the Swedish culture luggage May have its comical. The lyricist Dan Eliasson is now Sweden's national police chief, likewise. And Eliasson finns shamelessly celebrates its own song, saying: "I stand for every drumbeat," says party of That cozy heritage punk has've become.

In the same book tells finns of Halmstad band Sabotage 81, who wrote his biggest hit "Cop Slaughter" after a night on the town When some police officers had confiscated the tape ölkassar. For reunification in 2010 found the band's lead singer Magnus Nilsson That it felt silly to entertain cop slaughter as 45-year-old father of small children, so the song was renamed simply on the father Lamare »Punk fuss". This part of the Swedish Dagbladet editorial and Per Gudmundsson put cheers headline "Even punks Became citizen in the end. '

But the individual events as in the recent past might have been the most "punk« here right punk itself, Which is perhaps somewhat poetic. Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's common velvet son Joe Corré hired in November 2016 a boat and slipped out of the Thames , as a node to his father's "God Save the Queen '-seglats on the water in June 1977. Prior to a collective press corps burned HE up punk memorabilia £ 5 million, including irreplaceable test pressings of the Pistols discs, unique punk clothes of the mother Westwood and a doll depicting Sid Vicious. The reason was That punk had been castrated by sönderhyllas of establishment, it had as Corre reduced to a brand like McDonald's. In the hullabaloo surrounding this, voices were raised That it might be more punk to donate the money to charity. Or to buy 28 000 guitars to hand out to the kids in a valiant attempt to regenerate punk. Corre, who turns 50 this case, was, however, and was assisted by his mother to put four of punk memory.

So how subversive punk is really him Joe Corré, 40 Years After That single, Which his father promoted? Well, this spring was his forms lingerie Agent Provocateur Four Holdings so-so 25 million pounds.

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