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    Om Fokus

     Focus - Sweden's news magazine

    The focus is to every week summarize, deepen and explain the week's most important events. Focus is a politically independent magazine, with no links to any political party or interest group. Publisher via the Publisher FPG Media AB.

    Focus dig out your own news and picks up issues that hangs left when the media train pulled out. We provide analysis, depression and avslöjandena.Varje week you get in focus the great story on the most important issue right now.

    It can be about anything from politics, economics and science to culture trends and health. Here you will find pictures, texts and characters explaining what is happening and why - with their own revelations and new perspectives.

    In 2013 was appointed to the Focus "Magazine of the Year 'by the Swedish Association of Newspapers. Previously, the newspaper also received the National Press Club's Great Prize "for having once created a space in the Swedish press for telling the news report". Employees of the newspaper has received nominations for "Journalist of the Year," "Year columnist« and »Breakthrough of the Year". In 2009 Fokus.se »This year's magazine - digital media".

    Focus chroniclers Lena Andersson and Thomas Engström has previously received the award for the year chronicler of the organization the Swedish Magazine. Currently, the columnists Focus: Ulrika Knutson , Malte Persson , Nalin Pekgul , Agnes WoldEdward Blom,  Thomas Engström , Nina Lekander, Yrsa Stenius and Nils Erik Forsgård .

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